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26 September 2023 - 27 September 2023
Aarhus, Denmark
Food & Bio Global Summit 2023

The Summit Labs are an essential and an interactive part of the Summit. Already at the registration you are kindly ask to choose in which Summit Lab you would like to participate, therefore below please find a short introduction and a draft programme to each Summit Lab to inform you of what to expect, so you can make the right choice. 

The four Summit Lab topics:

  1. Positive Plant-Based Nutrition
  2. Technologies to Maximise Biomass Production for Multiuse Purposes
  3. Circular Green Transition
  4. Radical New Food Production Systems

1. Postivite Plant-Based Nutrition

Plant-based foods, particularly high-protein alternatives to animal foods, benefit public health, build more stable food systems, stem antibiotic resistance, and help meet climate goals. For plant-based meats, health is still a top driver for consumer purchasing, demonstrating that communicating nutritional and public health information to consumers must be a priority of the alternative protein industry. In this session, participants will discuss the personal and public health benefits of alternative protein products, share insights on consumer engagement and communication strategies, and discuss how partnerships between government, industry, and academia can be formed to expedite plant-based food adoption.

Please click here for the program for this Summit Lab.

2. Technologies to Maxisime Biomass Production for Multiuse Purposes

Maximising biomass production allows us to make more efficient use of available land, water, and nutrients. Advanced agricultural practices can enhance crop yields and optimise resource allocation, leading to increased productivity and reduced environmental impact. By maximising biomass production, we can increase food production and contribute to addressing global food security challenges. Furthermore, biomass can be utilised in multiple sectors, such as agriculture, energy production, chemical manufacturing, and materials development. In Summit Lab 2, we focus on plant breeding, new breeding techniques, precision agriculture, controlled environment agriculture and biofertilizers/biostimulants as technologies to maximise biomass production.

Please click here for the program for this Summit Lab.

3. Circular Green Transition

The challenge has been set to make the food production system carbon neutral by 2050. This will require a circular green transition – changing the current, often linear systems to circular value networks. While our current linear food production system is efficient at providing food, it also wastes resources and is not sustainable.

In this summit lab, we want to showcase several value systems, and the hurdles and chances in transforming them. First, we will get an overview and create a common framework of understanding. How can we take a holistic view, and insert circularity into the value chains? Then, four short pitches will introduce concrete examples of existing efforts and expose the challenges to make the sugar, coffee, brewery and fisheries value chains more circular.

On day 2, we want to come back to the input provided by these pitches and invite all participants to share their ideas and future-looking potentials. We then want to discuss which solutions are necessary to make these become reality.

Please click here for the program for this Summit Lab.

. Radical New Food Production System

Join us as we revolutionise food production through microbial fermentation for protein synthesis. Discover groundbreaking research, engage with industry leaders, scientists, and experts dedicated to shaping the future of food. Unlock the potential of microbial fermentation for proteins, merging innovation and business development. Embrace sustainable, scalable, and innovative solutions for protein production through cutting-edge microbial fermentation technologies. Experience keynotes, workshops, and collaborative sessions accelerating sustainable food production.. Don't miss this transformative movement redefining how we grow and consume food.

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Closed since 25 September 2023
Location Aarhus City Hall, Raadhuspladsen 2, 8000 Aarhus - Parking can be tricky, so pls google the options.
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