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26 September 2023 - 27 September 2023
Aarhus, Denmark
Food & Bio Global Summit 2023

Food & Bio Cluster Denmark serves as a platform for connecting companies and knowledge institutions within the food and bioresources industry, facilitating collaboration and innovation, and promoting the development of new business ideas. We are offering opportunities for funding, which can be crucial in helping startups and small businesses get off the ground. Food & Bio Cluster Denmark plays a vital role in fostering growth and development within the food and bioresources sector.

March 2024

Following the Summit, a Dutch delegation within the alternative proteins is visiting Food & Bio Cluster Denmark to learn, get inspired and meet potential collaboration partners. Click here see the delegation from the Netherlands. The visit is organised with the support from Enterprise Europe Network.

Dutch company participants


Bobeldijk Food Group

Green Organics

Key Gene

Plant FWD

Studio Fava

Week without Meet (Foundation)


Invitation from the Dutch Embassy.

Presentation of Food & Bio Cluster Denmark

Closed since 25 September 2023
Location Aarhus City Hall, Raadhuspladsen 2, 8000 Aarhus - Parking can be tricky, so pls google the options.
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